I can love someone with all my heart these days and still want nothing whatsoever to do with them, these days. I am just that used to people’s crap these days!

I am honestly waiting for them to say the whole INFJ thing is pure bloody invention and doesn’t exist. I am so used to people pulling the rug out from under me!

“Invent an unusual personality type and see if the self-centred b will go for it. I have seen it all . Mainly I work on the basis of who behaveslije an asshole anyway!Probably 3 categories.

If I am inconsistent and you don’t trust me, feel free to point it out and unsubscribe

1. Asshole

2. Partial sshole

3. Under development. Could go either way.

Most rapid way for me to put you in the asshple category is to produce blatantly inconsistent material! That is the number one reason I stop watching channels!