somebody calls you a “valuable client/customer” and you immediately get jittery and start waiting for the other shoe to drop.

They like to take you down when you are on an emotional high so the secret is to shut-off emotional responses and starve toxic people of your energy! I really saw it when we returned from overseas! When I had been fine with him leaving he had hung around. The minute I was happy he had delivered his coup de grace! It is no fun for them if you don’t give a rat’s


If the other shoe does happen to fall, have consequences ready

You think I have learned nothing after twenty years of ridiculous and childish behaviour!

Watch “QLD: Body Corporate Micro Webinar Series: Bullying and Harassment | LOOKUPSTRATA” on YouTube


Pause For Musical Interlude

Own your inner child and you might actually grow up!

Like my inner child has enjoyed twenty years of watching your stupidity!

Watch ““I’m Still Standing” (Elton John) Swing Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson” on YouTube

I don’t even try to feign maturity like you assholes!

When Adults Play Hopscotch


Still I might continue experimenting with this crabby old lady thing, especially mowing people down with an electric wheelchair. Why do you think I have never even come close to passing a driving test!

My kids had such a laugh the day we were walking up the street and we were nearly taken out by an electric wheelchair! 😆 We all nearly died laughing!

Still not as fun as our day spent checking out our security camera to find out who had let their dog poop on our lawn. We used to have a fake dog poop at one stage.

Interesting timing. Either on or the day after my brother’s birthday! Sadly his ex wife just died during routine surgery!

My ex told my son he is in financial strife (What’s new?)


This seems appropriate given his nickname for me.

As the teachers used to say on his report,”Could do better!”

How cute I even got a little reminder of him! 💩

“It’s like I said. I might be fat ( in response to his jibes) but I can lose weight but you will always be ugly!”

So glad he seems to have bonded with my ex. (Too cute)

Well maybe it was intended as a present! Shame they don’t ship dog poo overseas! I had not long separated from my ex. Perhaps it was intended as a gesture of support.

Still it could be worse!

Watch “Rhino pooping marking his territory in Kruger National Park #Shorts” on YouTube

Poo Poori Commercial

We bought some Zoo Poo at Melbourne Zoo once to put on the garden.

Well how else is a woman chained to the house supposed to teach her children you can have fun with almost anything!

The girls had the sense to apologise to my daughter. I am more interested in the parents!

He has progressed from trying to force me to sign cheques for him when Mum and Dad were away in America. (July 1987)

Who is worse the psychopath or the idiots who do his bidding?

Personally I think it’s their useful idiots. You pick them off one by one first. I actually tend to dislike them more! They are just pathetic!

Top 5 Stupid Deaths

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