Thanks to my ex, I am able to detach from my personal feelings now. I had to keep a working relationship  going with him, even after I had grown to dislike him intensely!

It was such a relief when I no longer had to deal with him.

I am pleased to say I can mix with him now with almost total indifference!

Oh and btw he can turn on tears like a tap. I used to fall for it! Now I couldn’t care less! He didn’t care when he deliberately emotionally destroyed our children! I watched them cry time and time again asshole!

My Self Esteem is Not Low Enough To Date You – Garfunkel & Oates

FYI he can turn the tears off as rapidly as he turns them on!

Cry Me A River – Acoustic Cover – FirstTo Eleven

I have since learned that the ability to switch off might just be a function of the INFJ PERSONALITY type.Pretty sure my ex foolishly got himself involved with my friend’s sister. As far as I am concerned, they deserve each other!

Watch “-Reelin’ In The Years- Steely Dan (Cover)” on YouTube

Never lie to me or mess with my children, if you don’t want to experience my cold side.

Watch “Lynn Anderson – I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (BBC Top Of The Pops)” on YouTube

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