I remember now the wife of somebody my ex once worked for was Syrian. I had really liked her and sat chatting to her for a while. She had told me they gad a good standard of living in Syria, I had also read a Reader’s Digest article which had said much the same thing about Syria. Syria was destroyed by the Bush government and events which had followed!

In my humble opinion Bush was a war criminal! I had never thought anything but good of Michelle O’bama until she showed such excessive affection towards Bush.- A man I consider to be responsible for genocide.

Partying With A Local Family In Syria

I will always remember the Iraqi shopkeeper in Baghdad who had begged the US not to invade. Iraqis were our friends. My Swedish missionary friends (with whom I played Pass The Pigs) told me they had met with no opposition  whatsoever handing out bibles in Iraq.

In contrast they had been arrested in Turkey.

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