The Great Mystery

The great mystery is I once dated the best man but I hasn’t recognised him. That explains the shockingly intimate wedding video.

The best man was a graphic designer.

His company made ninja Movies.

Possibly Movies also like this:

Love Actually – To me you are perfect

That still doesn’t explain why he had abruptly ghosted me in the first place.

Also his name came up recently which suggests to me he gas not been discrete.

Charlie Harper’s Advice To Jake was the first time I had realised that guys might not have simply thought I was too ugly to ask out!

The Ninjitsu makes sense now. He knew what my ex was like. He was into ninjitsu(long story) and was trying to protect us. It had worked! I took note of the moves as the children were learning!

In his position I would have found an excuse to move away which is what I did when my friend’s boyfriend had made a pass at me.

I moved somewhere which had proven challenging.

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The weird party

FYI I have loved the same guy since my teens! The lesbian girl at the party clearly knew that.

Only a narcissist ever managed to make me forget. His name has never come up. Which suggests he might be trustworthy!

I’ve Been Waiting For You – ABBA

Watch “noah and allie, my salvation” on YouTube

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