If Ì could warn about only one thing it would be MENINGITIS!

Nothing will take a child out quicker!

I wouldn’t muck around if a child is projectile vomiting which can be a sign!

When my son was projectile vomiting it had turned out to be pneumonia!

I had a single isolated incident of projectile vomiting with ny daughter. No temperature. Nothing else. She was fine but generally always treat projectile vomiting as a REALLY BAD SIGN!

Signs & Symptoms of Meningitis

It can kill a child in a few hours!

Seeing one little white coffin early on in my teaching career changed me forever. I do not want to see more.

So you can get as angry as you like with me for teaching children that I have known children who have died through issues but I will keep doing it!

The Australian “No Worries” attitude drove me up the wall when our children were little!

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