The Geordie Boatrace

The Geordie Boatrace

Newcastle University had its own form of boat racing which was quite different to that enjoyed at Oxford and Cambridge University.

I am almost convinced now we must have met at my interview for Newcastle University, I do remember going somewhere for breakfast. I now suspect it was at the house of a girl called Tiffany.

Moon River – Audrey Hepburn

I do not understand what it was between us! If I am honest. I did know I loved him. I was completely devastated that we never even got to say goodbye! Would it have killed him just to say goodbye?

Little River Band – Reminiscing (1978)

Disappearing without saying goodbye was such ia low thing to do! I don’t care how much his raging hormones were in control and all he left me with was a lousy postcard.

Created Using Canva(This is an almost exact reproduction!)

I had needed to visit Bali too! I hadn’t visited till 1992. Weird the way the brain works when you are not looking! I said goodbye properly to the other guys in the house! One of them (Mr Earl Grey)still writes to me. He loves to send cartoons. I only heard from him the other week! That could have been us too. He had not needed to be so bl@#dy cruel about the way we parted! I had every right to forget he ever existed!

If he had said why he never said goodbye on his postcard, I would have stopped hating him a lot sooner. I have given up expecting closure these days! I just accept that people will find ever shittier ways to move on…

8 Fascinating Facts About Your Subconscious Mind

One phone call or letter would have fixed things! Instead the whole world finds out before me.

⚠️ Sarcasm ahead!

Thanks for that.

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