How Long Does It Take For Brain Fog To Clear After Abuse

I have been separated since 2013. It is now 2023 and I feel like I am only now getting my pre – abuse brain back after a prolonged period of solitude!

I never want these people back in my life!

You Sick, Sick , Sickos!

I Can See Clearly Now-Kirsten Errett & Caleb Mc Ginn


I have been relentlessly insulted and mocked my entire life!

The Tories have always supported the rich at the expense of the poor. That is one of the main reasons people left the UK. Things got really scary when Mrs Thatcher introduced the poll tax? Ultimately it had caused her government to lose power,

From memory Winchester had the highest per capita income in the UK. I shopped for my interview outfit in Winchester with my gay friend!

Will There Always Be An England? (1986)

GB NEWS does not focus solely on the South East, it has presenters from all over the UK.

I never recall (apart from that time he broke my heart) my Geordie friend being anything other than good-natured and kind!

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