Poverty in Britain – Why are millions of Brits so broke? | DW Documentary

To be honest I have never understood why ordinary.working class people vote Conservative. They pull the same stunts every time. I really noticed how the Conservatives had let everything deteriorate when I went home in 2001. Labour gradually built everything back up again only for the Conservatives to bang on about defecits and run everything and everybody into the ground again. My ex used to work in the job centre and he was at the pointy end of Tory economic policy, cutting off people’s benefits.which was a bit rich as he is Australian. They had sometimes used to challenge him.

I am currently semi-retired here in Australia but I have had the first bit of real kindness shown me when I was given the opportunity to start my own freelance business.

This UK government claims to be pro business

Where is the help to kick start small businesses?

We should perhaps loan The UK Wayne Swan who was extremely successful managing the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.


Australia built up schools, hospitals etc and kept people in work that way. thereby saving a huge welfare bill. Perhaps the idea is to make everybody sick and thus overwhelm The NHS, then make everybody pay for healthcare.

Honestly why do British people vote for Conservatives? It always ends up the same way.

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