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John Stewart leans slightly to the left but is usually an honest and fair broker of the truth.

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Does Cenk Love Conservatives Now? (2023)The other side of politics cannot possibly always be wrong.

Ten Years of Ana Kasparian

TheYoung Turks regularly gets upset with both sides of politics. I trust them, which is why I felt I could speak up about our pandemic situation. I know the stations which lied about our situation here in Australia during the pandemic! According to much of the right-wing media worldwide, we were prisoners in the most oppressed place on Earth, We were well taken care of and I don’t personally know a single person from our particular state, who has died of covid. The worldwide headlines concerning us were totally ridiculous!

In truth I am sure I am not the only one who felt like this (from a mainstream Australian comedian.) For me lockdown was probably the best time I have had in twenty plus years in Australia. My daughter has been dating a guy she met online during lockdown since the end of lockdown, so I doubt she would complain about lockdown either! My son had gone off the rails almost immediately after being exposed to my in-laws once again following lockdown.

Lockdown was the best!

Goodbye My Lockdown – Sammy J.

The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know everything unlike many others round the world. I don’t hate the political opposition. I just hate LIARS!!

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