I have not liked the vast majority of women in particular. I cannot stand know-it-alls. I don’t mind people with whom I disagree, in fact I even love one or two of them! I do not like manipulators and liars.


I do have my own particular tricks when it comes to teaching.

Most of my teachers were like that. They tricked us into becoming educated! We thought we had tricked them into telling us their stories but in truth that was where the real educational material lay!

I know one Geordie phrase we use all the time.

“Giving somebody gyp.”

As in.

“You have done nothing but give me gypj!”

I find the Australian sense of humour to be mainly childish and cruel!

What’s the matter? Can’t you take a joke? 😂

I found Graham Kennedy about as funny as constipation.

Wath “Brad Pitt Hates Rachel – Friends” on YouTube

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