I have met some interesting people through my genealogy research. One of my more interesting encounters was with the great grandson of my ex husband’s Great Great grandmother’s murder victim.

The version of the story currently on the web, is I believe a complete white wash.

My ex husband’s ĝreat great grandmother and her lover, were I believe, part of a gang (at least temporarily) who attacked gold miners for their gold.

My ex’s great great grandmother had done a terrific version of Penelope Pitstop in the witness box.

The family are no different now. great at playing, little Miss (and Mr) Innocent.

At best she was the gang’s look out. At worst she was directly responsible for the murders!

As it happened I wrote to the great grandson for a while, he was most interesting. It turns out his first wife was Japanese and had experienced a horrible time here in Australia.

Australians were not the only people imprisoned by the Japanese in WW2. My uncle had spent a year in hospital following his stint as a Japanese POW.


(I feel I spent twenty nightmare years captive to an Australian,) myself!)

His second wife is a Holocaust Survivor, who was on the train to Ausschwitz when she was rescued by The Americans!

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