However if there is anybody The French have tended to dislike more, it is The Australians. I witnessed these Australian women in France, treat the French waiter like their personal servant.

No wonder the French waiter had told this woman to, ‘Tais Toi!” according to my son. The French are a proud people, who have enough problem accepting word’s like. ‘Le Weekend” and “Le fòrtnight” let alone being treated like they are dumb for not speaking English!

I seem to recall that Charles de Galle was particularly opposed to this corruption of the French language.

Learn French with Charles de Gaulle

There was quite a lot of drama from The French about words like “Le weekend’ and “Le fortnight”.

What A Man – Charles De Gaulle was also a good husband and father who is remembered fondly by his granddaughter,

The French are our oldest foe but they are also our oldest friends!

Pretty sure the UK is going tmiss the petty squabbles with the British. They loosened up we Brits with their free and easy attitude to the body.

The Greeks se to be in a class of their own with statues with elongated phallus everywhere!

My holiday in Licques with my arty friends is one of my happiest memories! The French know how to live simply and live well!

The stuff they do buy is of good quality and lasts forever. I loved myvTefal soup maker. I know if I buy French product, it is going to last.

I love France. I have walked through fields half naked. I have been Lost is close to the UK and they quietly stand up to Australians!

Dad was proud of his French heritage. We Brits are that annoying relative, who you grumble about when they are there but you really miss when we’re gone!

Simplifying The EU Situation- The Last Leg

Honest Brexit Ad This alad seems pretty close to what has happened. Britain is now the prodigal son of Europe struggling in the pig pen and too proud to return !

The Prodigal Son – Luke 9’10

Get It Right Next Time -Gerry Rafferty

British people are Europeans, we do not need to go backwards. I do remember my mum had always used to buy New Zealand butter. Personally I think we should develop a taste for New Zealand ice cream.

I do not recall us ever buying anything Australian. My parents had made no secret of the fact they did not like Australians.

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