Today’s post started out as one thing and has ended up being about something totally different. It was meant to be another fun post about my efforts with graphics. I had decided I wanted to produce a candle this time. I had struggled to create something more realistic than my previous efforts. I enjoy playing around with gifs. This post was meant to be fun but as I sat there watching the candle I had created, I began to cry.
I learned something which saddened me deeply this week and somehow my silly efforts with a gif had brought my feelings to the surface. I have been reading the blog of Beauty Beyond Bones for a while now. I have found it has given me a window on a world I knew little about. I have been deeply touched by her writing and it has opened my eyes to some of the realities of eating disorders.
This week I heard some tragic news of how an eating disorder may have taken a beautiful young life, a little closer to home. I am profoundly affected by any loss of a child or young person. I have spent a good portion of my life involved with children and young people both as a teacher and a parent. I was profoundly saddened by the death early on in my career, of a student of mine, who was killed on the road on her way home from school. I will never forget attending her funeral. I made myself a promise that if there was any way I could act and perhaps save a life, I would try. So today I want to reach out( both as a former teacher and a mother) to those suffering with eating disorders,
If an eating disorder is affecting your life, just know that you are precious. However you may see yourself, in God’s eyes you are beautiful. You have so much to give. Reach out for whatever help you need. You matter..
This is Karen Capenter in 1974 Jambalaya – Carpenters
This is Karen Carpenter roundabout 1983, shortly before her death as a result of anorexia.. Karen Carpenters Last Performance
The videos speak for themselves
For information and help click the link below:
I dedicate this post to the young lady who worked in the supermarket. I prayed for you. I watched God transform your emaciated body before my eyes. I hope you are still doing well!
The Karen Carpenter Story
She was a British child star.
Beauty Beyond Bones explains the issues of fame at a young age on her blog and in her talk!
How To Save A Life – The Fray

My candle gif has disappeared for now sorry!