This question was once posed by a father at our children’s school. I hadn’t realised the question was meant to be rhetorical.

I put my hand up and replied,”I do,” and had followed it up with the bible verse

2 Corinthians 12; 9 -11

I had been shocked by the negative reaction to my words. He had gone off and gotten sympathy from some supportive males. I was persona non grata. I had gone over to apologise, as we are required to do as Christians but I had been met with hostility.

It is a bit of a bugbear of mine, I have discussed it with others and been told, when we are weak then God is strong but the whole concept of being weak is reviled here,

I remember my Dad breaking down and crying about the potential loss of my leg vividly. He may have seen it as a moment of weakness while to me it was a moment of incredible strength and vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is hard at least it is for me. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that every time I have been vulnerable here I have been kicked in the teeth…

I used to say to my son, “Are you a man or a mouse.”

He was not afraid to say “mouse”. Until they finally got to him too.

Embrace got inner monsters should not turn us into misogynistic bullies. As Jordan Peterson says real courage comes from having an inner monster and being able to resist it.

I believe without my dark side the children and I may well be dead right now.

I also read The Power of The Praying Wife,

The best example I saw of a praying wife for me was in the movie War Room.

This is How I like To Pray.

I have prayed for this building like this.

I even use the f word. I have even told Satan to f, off a few times. He can go to Hell as far as I am concerned.


Pretty sure I told my ex about my Jewush boyfriend btw.


Hannukkah Story

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Oddly enough I don”t remember much about Hannukah in Israel. I remember more about it in Ilford with the cars with Menorah on their roofs.

Divali was also a big deal where we lived.

There were no problems whatsoever between the Hindus and the Jews.

Menorah Car Parade in Pittsburgh

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However I found when I made Potato latkes with a class several of them grated their fingers while trying to grate potatoes!

Fighting evil can take many forms.

I am a weak Christian but b I am watched over by a powerful God and God doesn’t like it when you mess with his children.

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