Paradise Lost – John Milton

Almost Paradise – Mike Reno & Ann Wilson



Adam & Eve’s Fall From Grace

Where Was Eden?

I love ❤️ whales. It was almost a spiritual experience, having humpback whales greet me at the back of the boat.

Jonah & The Whale

Jonah was a Prophet – Veggie Tales

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Official Music Video)


I was really excited when a few whales had got lost and visited us relatively locally.

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I used to collect badges and some of my first were about Save The Whale.

How We Saved The Whale – The Good Stuff

I usually try to pray for the whales as they head forAntarctica, where they are still hunted.

Whale Song

There was actually a killer whale called Narnia in Moskvarium in Russia.

The thing is some whales are old enough to have experienced serious whale hunting and yet they still happily approach us!

Killer Whales in Moskvarium, Russia

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