I love music. My life has its own peculiar soundtrack. I was talking to my daughter about some of my favourite music. I had explained for example that Psychokiller by Talking Heads always made me think of Israel as it was a huge hit while I was there. The first time I had heard Nirvana, I had been in a hostel in Australia. ACDC was the soundtrack to my school and college days. Abba had been the first sign of me developing my own musical taste. I had happily followed my parent’s tastes up until that point. I have been pretty upset about the recent loss of Tom Petty .another early favourite.

As we have all been through the challenging days of the last few years, we have bonded over a diverse range of music. I had been surprised to find my son had bought himself Red Hot Chilli PeppersGreatest hits
My musical taste has since changed. Hopefully we can still enjoy ACDC together.
Now we have all come through so much together, I wonder what the soundtrack to his life will be. As long as he leaves some room for ACDC, it’s all fine by me.
Joy Realises Why Sadness is Important

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