First Report from Sophiatown (The Forced Removals)

“They are being dumped here and left to build their own dwellings. On the site is a barbed wire enclosure in which stocks of old timber, the sides of tea chests new stored and the people are permitted to buy these for the building of their little huts and shacks that must serve them for a home in this howling wilderness. Until I reached this parish I had never seen so heart-rending and shameful a sight. These people are being treated in a way that no self-respecting white man would treat an animal. Many of the people had only been able to afford half a room and there would be anything up to 8 or 10 people living, if the word can be used, living in it.”

The South African Town Destroyed To Make Way for a Whites Only Suburb

Trevor Huddleston 1990

Nelson Mandela 1990

“The Dean of Cape Town told me that his wife had led an inspection party to this camp and and that there were no lavatories provided and many had to go as far as two miles to get water. When she protested to the authorities she was suavely told she must have overlooked the sanitary conditions and if she would bring her party out again in a week’s time, she would be shown there that they really were there.”

Apparently when she went out again the following week, things had improved slightly and for every dozen or so houses there was a latrine.

The Spire Magazine 1957

As I understand it the place where they were dumped later became known as Meadowlands.

See Here a documentary from 1957 about Apartheid in South Africa.

Ntonga Masilela Wrote about that period in Sophiatown in his writing Sophiatown Remembered.

Bryce Courtney – The Power of One

Penguin Presents Bryce Courtney

Bryce Courtney was bullied at school as a lone English boy among The Afrikaans

A ruthless defender of Apartheid begs for forgiveness.

Redemption Song

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