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Ďarlington A Town Through  Time

I have truly and completely loved one man my entire life. It feels hood to admit that finally! I bould lie in the road with him and feel safe. I couldn’t  even cross the road safely with my ex,


He never made me feel unsafe even if he did annoy me on occasions.

It is the sand in the Oyster which produces the pearl) I guess.

Talking Deserts and Sand

We had listened to The Dòors at our nightly camp fires in The Negev.

Light my Fire – Doors I think it must have been the musical taste of the guy who had rugby tackled me. ,( Australian courtship ritual. )😂 He never hurt me btw.

Don:t talk ro me about sand. I have lived in The Negev. I just remember the beautiful, star-filled skies.

Light Pollution I had also had to fight with my ex to be allowed energy efficient light bulbs! I only have one energy efficient light bulbs here. Although I understand fluorescent light globes are meant to be more efficient.

Genesis 1:3

Let There Be Rock – AC/.DC

Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? -Larry Norman

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