I found the level of junk mail here when we had first arrived, totally overwhelming. Gradually I had used it to give me ideas. I remember the 25 dollar quilt I bought when I was trying to get my ex to move into our own place now that we had a baby on the way. I was so happy to get our own place I was initially content to sleep on a blow up mattress even though I was very pregnant) for months.

My funniest memory is of him blowing up the air mattress naked in the middle of the night.😆

I think it was our happiest time ever. Though I do remember him refusing to have a picnic in the garden with me.

I always loved our picnics when he had eventually become used to the idea. One of the best things he had done after we had broken up was spontaneously invite us out for a picnic he had prepared by himself. I don”t think I have ever turned down a picnic. The children and I had picnics all the time. I bought a new picnic basket when (we first arrived here and we had a picnic Christmas on the beach)


In my view it is almost always best to keep things simple. I loved our picnics best.

I have always loved picnics. We always used to picnic in The New Forest with my aunt and uncle.

Talking New Forest Picnics with Flora from The Forest Foodie!

Now things appear to be warming in in the UK, there may be more opportunities for picnics.

I bought us an extensive first Aid kit for the car.

St Johnson Ambulance First Aid Kit

If there is a risk of anaphylaxis don’t forget epipens or things that might be required for known medical conditions!

I used to carry a first aid kit in mu handbag for minor mishaps. OMG I am turning into my grandmother.


I would recommend including antihistamines. (Check with doctor) I was rold by allergy doctor that people can suddenly develop anaphyljaxis.

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

A few times my ex had picked areas full of wasp flies,etc which was a nightmare, especially once we had learned our son was highly allergic.

Morten Ad(2009)

The Great Australian  Fly

He was stung at Eurodisney. I spent the whole time at the first aid post with him,

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Australia has excellent picnic and barbecue facilities nearly everywhere.

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