I did not agree with all of this, I am not always calm. Personally I veer towards finding being an INFJ a burden.

I prefer just simply to be Someone In The Crowd – La La Land (2016).

I have a particular soft spot for La La Land as I went to see it with my daughter.



My entire life ì have always hung out with guys. Initially ⁷I had seen nothing sinister in my ex hanging out with members of the opposite sex. I  usually find women hard work but I  am still a feminist.

Blame my Dad. He taught me to like men. Then I suddenly found myself dealing with this;


I did suggest my ex go outside and rub a couple of sticks together at one point.

He did leave a mallet outside once, which had caused my daughter to have a narrow escape. That has been my life for the past two decades, constantly having to check for booby traps.

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