My Disabilities Are My Greatest Strengths

My Disabilities Are My Greatest Strengths

My youngsters have often commented on my ability to get back up after a fall.

It genuinely scares me that I  could ever treat others with the same intolerant behaviour I have received!

It frustrates me how slowly I text for example but my hand-eye co-ordination has always been the same, as has my short term memory. On the other hand this has made it relatively easy to let people think I  do not have a particularly high I.Q.

You Underestimated Me Dude! Ir

Mr Annoying matched me. Almost the only person who has. I sensed how truly smart he was! We made great sparring partners.

I never needed him to agree witth me. I even accepted that logically he had to be right sometimes. He knew exactly how to get me to do what he wanted, “Tell me I am not able to do something,” I am a bit wiser to his tricks these days.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. What upsets me is people who never question that they have all the answers! Ironically I never met so many of those as I have since I found myself mixing with other housewives.

I am alot like Abby in CSI.

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