is that I could sit back and let this..happen members of my family were living in Paris in WW2.

The idea of sitting back and watching 6 million people be murdered is something  I will not countenance!

Nothing is more scary!

As my friend was fond of telling me,

“Bad things happen because good people do nothing!”

Shalom Havarim -Belgium’s Got Talent. We had a fantastic holiday in Belgium. It was probably our happiest family holiday. Of course the most famous Belgian for me are Hercules Poirot and Plastic Bertrand!

Belgium & Holland

Hercules Poiro’s Christmas was the  first Agatha Chistie I ever read!

Shalom Havarim

It was also the only time I remember visiting Holland.   🗺 I loved one of the Dutch Eurovision Winner Ding-s-dong

I guess our visit was in the late sixties! My brother could just about walk and talk. Mum always recounts his shock when he had gone to play with the children and rhey had spoken to him in French!

Belgium 🇧🇪 was  experiencing drought but the drought had finally broken towards the end of our holiday. According to mum there had been dancing in the streets.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head – Sacha Distel

It is beginning to feel a bir like my blog is a love letter to Europe.

We Stand for European Unity

I want to get back to our fights about butter mountains and wine lakes. I am even prepared to do the difficult job of helping out with wine lakes!


I don’t think I have mentioned Mt Brexit to anybody since college!

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