The Question I Ask Myself When Viewing Media

Is this sowing hate?

I keep watching GB News waiting for them to discuss food shortages rather than migrants and the usual crop of negative stories about Harry and Meghan!!

It feels like I was Love bombed and now I am hooked desperate as I am for current UK News.

I knew it was largely right wing. That did not bother me but the constant harping on about migrants when people are cold and hungry could have disasterous consequences. Call me cynical but I think they know exactly what they are doing.


I often think of spiderman and. When Peter Parker ignores a crime, ultimately his own fanily suffers!

Ultimately we all face similar dilemmas. I am much more selfish than I used to be after narcissistic abuse. I am still struggling with what is legitimate self-care and what is pure selfishnes.

Iake no apologiess for the fact that I am leaning towards selfishness at the moment!

Well back to GB News. What are they going to do when their political agenda ends up biting them on the behind?

I feel there is so much good they could be doing for The UK, mobilising people to help each other rather than blaming everything on migrants and Prince Hatty. Then there is Farage’s latest hobby horse the banks!

We are heading towards Christmas. Instead of banging on about persecution of Christians, how about feeding a few people and encouraging people to knit warm clothes for people. How about mobilising people to pick crops instead of pontificating!

Let’s show the world the meaning of Christianity. This will ultimately say more!

I commend Patrick on his strip tease for mental health but how about also helping to tackle what appears to be serious food shortages!

Personally I would like to see politics completely removed from the equation whilst everyone works together in a time of crisis!

We need a little Dunkirk Spirit.

Some of my uncles and cousins risked their lives to rescue total strangers. My uncle was one of those rescued. Britain has done it before. It can do it again. Britain snatched victory from the Jaws of defeat.



This is very rough and ready bur it is straight from the heart!

There’ll Always Be An England


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