That Fateful Day in November 1963

White House Rooms May 1963

Red Rose From Jacqueline Kennedy’s Bouquet

Jessie Curry the Dallas Police chief is said to have kept two roses from the Bouquet of Jackie Kennedy on that fateful day in November 1963. Two of the roses had fallen into the hands of the Dallas Police Chief, Jessie Curry. 🌹 🌹

Jessie Curry Speaking on November 22nd 1963

Whip It-Devo Warner Records Vaults

Camelot – Richard Burton

Perhaps the last song ever sung to JFK at about 17 :25 sung by the Texas Boy’s Choir:

Choir – Guy Sebastian When this song cropped up on my You Tube for a while I had felt a little less alone.

The Eyes of Texas Àre Upon You

Watch “Jackie O’s Bloodstained Suit” on YouTube

Watch “The Simpsons S07E14 – Marge New Chanel Suit Dress! | Burns Cheats At Golf | Check Description ⬇️” on YouTube

Source:Gene Bitner

Am I the only one finding this song creepy in the light of subsequent events. In a very short time following this breakfast, President Kennedy was dead.

J.R.Ewing Quotez

Outside The Hospital

Source: Felix Bauxtista

Source: Storm:

Sources; Helmet Reenberg

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