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I am sorry Nigel. I am not sure if you know why but in this INSTANCE , YOU ARE RIGHT!

What has been the fruit of Nigel Farage

Watch “Tonnes of seasonal food grown in British fields left to rot”

I accept this is not entirely his fault but he is easily the single biggest contributor to the issue. He should be out their picking asparagus etc in my view, which is what Churchill and I hope my friend is doing likewise!

Thorn in The Side

Anybody else see Irony in the fact that his company is called “Thorn in the Side.”

The traditionally left-leaning Mirror newspaper has shown interest in Thorn in the Side in the past.

When I complained to my Mum about Brexit:

“Don’t blame me. I think they are all bloody idiots!”

My mum has a way of cutting straight to the heart of the matter!

According to Wion News Brexit has cost UK consumers 7 billion.


.It won’t be long before somebody says

“Let them eat cake!“(See The Great Jaffa Cake Debate)


To me The EU is like an old friend they might be a bit annoying at times but you miss them when they are gone.

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