Watch “Steve Wozniak Interview on His Upcoming US Festival (September 4, 1982)” on YouTube

I had no idea that Steve Wozniak was such a huge music fan like me.

The US FESTIVAL 1982/1983 To me The fact that he is a music-)owing computer guy suggests that he is also an INFJ.

I get engineers and software guys. I have been surrounded by them my whole life. Dad could never resist the urge to check out new electrical gadgets in the house and see how they worked, My father was piles of paperwork and electronic components. I grew up playing around with a soldering iron and solder wire.

Engineers tend to be left-handed although my Dad wasn’t.

The Left-Handed Engineer

Engineers Are Just As Smartas Physicists

32 Surprising Facts About Left-Handers

I was always intrigued by left-handers.

The guy who had been concerned about my swan encounters was a Christian, left-handed engineer. I know left-handers tend to be creative. I will never forget the lesson I learned about sitting a left-handed child next to a right-handed child and how their elbows clashed. I am surprised they had not worked our for themselves to swap their seats around to be honest. It seems that left-handedness may run in families! I have handwriting difficulties myself so I have tended to experiment with giving children pencil grips to use.

My ex boyfriend was left-handed! It was one of his more endearing traits. He looked awkward when he tried to write. I had it explained to me it is so they can see what they are writing. Smartest thing I ever did heading off with a backpack to recover!He would have contributed to paying for my backpack.When I had headed off to The US and Canada I was still pretty distraut! I do remember him getting quite badly hurt when he ran into somebody opening a car door in front of his moped!He had also had a child die of meningitis overnight. We are human. These things really affect us. Mum had not understood why I was so upset when the little girl in my class was killed!

He was also really angry when the sister of a boy in his class had been murdered and other children had teased the little boy. I guess I also caused narcissistic injury by walking away! He had left me to walk up Mt Snowdon on my own so the callousness always had the potential to emerge. He had appeared to be relatively low on the narcissistic spectrum but he must have gone up a few notches! I now hate him for smearing me to my school colleagues!

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He also used to write poetry.

So his smear campaign has spanned the globe. I was onto him the minute I learned about narcissism! His little stunt tricking a colleague into sewing on his button gave him away. I had never given him a second thought once I recovered!

Watch “13 Things Only Left Handed People Understand” on YouTube

I have to say that my ex is not left-handed but often used the mouse left-handed.I had got used to doing it too. I think she is exaggerating a bit!

Drawing Tips For Left-Handers


I like this idea!

I grant you  that left-handers have developed a slightly awkward way of holding writing implements in order to see what,they are writing. One of the nicest boys I ever taught was left-handed.

I usually like left-handers. I think they understand what it is like to be misunderstood. They are fellow aliens.(to INFJs)

Why INFJs ARE Terrified of Their Own Power

I have been hurt by people so much over the years that I have been scared about getting something wrong and harming others the way they have harmed me but I have been 💩  on so much here that I am beginning not to care. Seriously guys I am completely over you! My normal, easy-going tolerance has been pushed to its limits!

Bohnhoffer’s Theory of Stupidity

There I have finally said it. YOU ARE COMPLETELY STUPID! (As my dad used to put it, “if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous!”

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