To a Louse by Robert Burns (recital with video & subtitles)

Tam O’Shanter We studied this at school.

I have contemplated the possibility that I may have Scottish blood. I do have at least one Scottish aunt.(by marriage) in one of our last conversations she had asked me whether my parents still picked on me. She had lived next door to my beloved grandparents.

I had defended my grandmother to my parents once and stormed off. It was me who had sat by her bed and tried to put Christmas decorations on it as she lay dying. I had been admonished for it.

I adored my grandmother! We painted our nails together. I had helped myself to her blusher. We gambled at cards together. The entire kitty was ten pence. I begged my Nana to keep going. She had died in the December. I had met my ex whilst I was still grieving, the following May.


I would often get Robert The Bruce quoted at me.

“If at first you don’t succeed. Try, Try, Try again.”

Relatives of mine own a small part of Scotland! I spent a few hours in Glasgow shipyard with my dad. This is the only time I have been north of the border.

Death Mask of Bonnie Prince Charlie

OVer The Sea Tò Skye

Mary Queen of Scots was somebody even Elizabeth 1 had loved and respected She has never wanted to execute her and had endedup putting her son on the throne

At quick glance it looks like my friend may even be descended from the Scottish royals!

Like the royals they kept to the same routine every year. In particular they had used to attend Hickstead for the show jumping.

They were lovely but terribly old-,fashioned. We had used to watch Agstha Christie plays together.

Her mother was one of the truest çhristians I ever met.

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