We Have Forgotten How To Like Each Other

All my life till I met my narcissistic ex, I had really liked men. I brought our daughter up to like men and join in with their fun.

Girls have always stabbed me in the back too! Girls like me get the worst of both worlds. Rejected by women for not being like them. Then rejected by men because they think we are like a lot of other women!

If you are straight-,forward and honest you often end up ambushed by toxic people! I hope I am sufficiently recovered to have cast off many of my narcissistic fleas. If not then feel free to stay away! I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than pass on the virus of narcissism especially not to someone I love.

I had a moment of complete and utter panic when I had realised all the guys were following me up and down the escalator. I mean what if my stupid fun led them astray. Well my friend got caught joining in with my hopscotch once, Adults hopscotching here would get sent straight to the funny farm!

The most likely scenario would be that I would eventually have eventually led them to somewhere selling chocolate!

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