I Have Been Gone 5 Years

I don’t know why I expected anything from people who let our son”,s Playstation be stolen in broad daylight

One of our neighbours who is married to a British woman,very kindly loaned our son his Playstation.

It seems to be OK to be an asshole to British people here. I felt slightly vindicated when my son had witnessed the attempt to gaslight another British guy.

The answer to  “Where The Bloody Hell Are you?” should be down the police station reporting petty, childish and spiteful behaviour in my view!

The worst was probably the nurse who had yelled at me in the throes of labour, which had ultimately contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, as my birth experience was so traumatising! What was worse was there was a deaf girl on the ward, who had clearly had a very similar experience. My ex had not protected me at all. Nor did he support my complaint!

I don’t know what it is about maternity wards but both my mother and my grandmother also had negative birthing experiences!

My Nan had always complained that she had been left to give birth in a bucket. My daughter had nearly ended up in the toilet! I had needed a saline drip as I had collapsed walking to the toilet, having been left alone to bleed in the delivery room following the birth.

My son’s birth was wonderful, except I had been criticised by the doctor who had sewn me up afterwards( I had later contracted a nasty infection) for tearing so badly. The only thing which had eradicated my post-natal infections was an eventual curette/DNC. I believe I retained placenta.

I have two friends who have suffered serious mental health issues following a birth. Investing time, effort and money at that crucial time would prevent a lot of problems down the track.

Giving men paid paternity leave might actually work out cheaper than dealing with a lifetime of consequences from poor post natal care!

Women are extremely vulnerable after giving birth!

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