I rarely make any conscious effort to attract guys but I have noticed at times, the more I try to keep to myself, the more they seem to like me!

I am not playing ‘hard to get,’ I try to project,

“Please leave me the f#$k alone!”

I even deliberately cultivated body odour in Israel at one stage in order to be left alone.

I thought having a ring on my finger would end those issues once and for all. Yet I had managed to attract not one but two stalkers!

My mum appears to have been similar. My grandmother climbed trees and one time climbed out of a factory window to avoid a guy. She had even slapped an overlooker in the mill, when he had patted her behind, yet he had become a firm friend apparently!

My daughter has yet to work out how much guys like her.

All I can say is I have tried really hard to just raise her to be kind and not manipulative.

I just think guys want somebody who actually enjoys their company and wants to have fun with them.

My grandma was definitely fun-loving. My daughter used to play all the guy games. I am a really good nerd! I used to be able to talk Star Trek Next Generation with the best of them! I get engineers, My father was one, I know that many of them probably have piles of paperwork and electrical components everywhere! My mum had used to bemoan this!

I am always game to learn something new. I used to love my brother’s conversations about kryptonic wheels for his skateboard. They were pretty colours! My brother and I used to play with these cards which had pictures of vehicles etc on. I particularly remember his racing car pack, which is how I had learned about CCs, formula 1 etc.

If compelled to show an interest in Aussie Rules Football however I will mentally be doing this! See cif at bottom of page!

Watch “Lynn Anderson – I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (BBC Top Of The Pops)” on YouTube

My father was like this about the church, having grown up being surrounded by what he saw as hypocrits

My uncle who was a Japanese POW used to quote Karl Marx at me,

Religion is the opium of the people.”

He was a confirmed atheist who was nonetheless able to forgive all that he had been forced to endure, indeed he usually spoke of the Japanese people with affection.

I also used to be able to talk tyres and skateboard wheels with my brother. I do not think my son realised how much effort my daughter and I made to understand his interests!

With my son, the way to his heart used to be having the ability to talk ants, beetles and hippos! Now he seem to be into politics!

He was a hig fan of Yes Minister!

Faking it does not last long, Anyway who wants to share their life with a person for whom they have to constantly pretend!

The only pretending I have ever done, is to act dumb at times! I never pretended to like being a housewife or a corporate wife, I just didn’t let on I was mentally doing this when I was forced to mix with a bunch of fellow housewives.


I somehow ended up married to the very thing I never wanted, a guy obsessed with money and shares! Instead of a guy prepared to do daft stuff like eat cake off the floor with me!

Or debate politics…

You Don’t Own Me – First Wives Club

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