More Praise For Margaret Thatcher from a Male Friend

October 10th 1991

“I’ve been watching the Tory conference this week Ain’t they great? I videod them during the day and I’m not limited to the highlights.

Wasn’t it brilliant when Mrs T got her standing ovation for saying nothing at all.

What charisma.”

Margaret Thatcher took a long time to get past her reputation as the lady who stopped school milk.

In fact I am still hearing her referred to as “Thatcher the milk snatcher,”

This and the poll tax are probably the main reasons why she was frequently disliked.

Politicians have always got a bad rap but lately there are many who appear to have become morally bankrupt.

Sadly a statue of Mrs Thatcher was effed within 24 hours of its election in n Grantham, Lincolnshire last year, so it would appear she is still a polarising figure!

Thatcher Curtails The Power of The Unions.

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