Handling A Nursary/Nursery

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In my view given the right tools, children and disabled people, can achieve almost anything given time. I have used strategies and various tools to cope all my life.BTW it was my mum who taught me the trick to remembering which nursary/nursery is which.

Nursary contains an a as in garden.

I loved the way Montessori tries to foster independence. I love this video. A Montessori style Home that is Actually Functional. I experimented with some of these ideas with my son. I bought things like a mini spreader, (We  also had a drinks station, which for me generally ended up a bit of a mess at times) which I still have. My son was somewhat more enthusiastic about the washing up back then than he is now. My ex husband often thought that my daughter would have benefited from the Montessori more than my son. He may have been right. She walked around like she owned the place at the Montessori. She used to come with me to pick him up etc. When I went with her she had absolutely no confidence issues there and within minutes had found a little boy to play with and was walking round holding his hand. I did look at the video with a bit of scepticism, knowing that my son would have upended all the shelves etc within minutes. In case you are wondering our son was a George (See Joyce Grenfall video below.)

The Montessori teacher used to try so hard not to lose it with the class  some days. Joyce Grenfall Nursery School

I had actually written a list of skills that our children would need to master in order to take care of themselves as I was so determined that they would become totally independent eventually.

All I remember about my Nursery School days is being booted out of the Wendy house one time for being disruptive. I had been given the slipper. I had also upset a teaching student, when I had become distressed at being once more cast as a tree. I had decided to start out as a seed to liven things up.


I had been booted out of the lesson. Perhaps my acting was a little wooden. 😆

I had been casting as a tree once too often!

I would have loved to have been this child when I was a toddler. Slip Sliding Away – Paul Simon

Our children had a lovely kinder teacher They made a big fuss when my daughter had taken in some marigolds she had grown herself and had posed for a picture with her


Waltz of The Flowers

Our son’s group had got along so well, they had kept everybody together for an additional year. Our son’s best friend was a girl.I know she went to university  locally. I wish they had caught up.   My son always had a crush on her. I got on reasonably well with the other mothers in the group too! I have a lasting image in my head of the girl with red curly hair getting absolutely plastered in mud. I loved her for it. The children were always So Happy Together  -The Turtles. Their teacher had no interest in we, adults. She lived for the children. She had the ability to bring harmony. She had even organised a reunion the following year for the group.

My Not So Secret Garden

Secret Garden – Bruce Springsteen (Jerry Maguire) Where we live the easiest green crop to grow is silverbeet. I didn’t tend to like the stalks. Cherry tomatoes will take over the whole garden if you let them. We had plants springing up in the front garden from the compost, all Winter long.

I used to belong to Friends of the Earth in the 1990s. https://www.foei.org/

Mr womaniser often very kindly used to see me safely home. My mum had always liked him and told me that he would have been different with me,

Reunited – Peaches & Herb

My ex had threatened to chop the Peach tree down one year. I had done a Prince Charles and warned it, it had better produce some fruit.


That year I had distributed peaches to the entire street. I tried to spare the tree between us and the house at the back too! We had a deal! Yes I am afraid I talked to all my plants too! I felt I let the tree down which stood between our two gardens. I particularly hate to see trees destroyed. I had said sorry to the tree we had cut back. I pruned the trees in our garden in an effort to save them. Apparently back home in the UK oak tree roots had blocked up local sewers. Their roots stretch as far as their canopies I believe. I even spoke to an arborist! No wonder I was always getting cast as a tree in school plays! I wanted Gabriel Oak but I had ended up married to Sergeant Troy.


Dance of The Dryads


Watch “Prince Caspian – Lucy’s Dream” on YouTubeThe portrayal of dryads in this clip, is amazing!

I talk to trees and they talk back to me! Family Tree – Caspian X


Some family trees are decidedly unwieldy but all have deep roots!

Talk Talk – Talk Talk I shared my crops. I saw it as giving back to God.

Harvest For The World – The Christians I had an album by The Christians.For some reason the words of the song Forgotten Town resonated. I forgot how forgotten I had felt. I don’t even remember what happened to the postcard. My arty and musical friends were ready with the Irish coffees. My brother usually supplied the whisky. I have always had a soft spot for The Guardian. The Last time I remember things looking this bad was under Edward Heath when we had a 3-day week and power cuts.

Paradoxically I have very happy memories of that time, sitting round the radio listening to Dick Barton special agent and eating meals by candlelight. I remember mum making steam pudding every day. My Dad’s speciality dish was spotted dick. (I had loved eating our meals by candlelight too.) I think it was one of my happiest childhood memories. We had all seemed so close.


Stripping Things Bare

My poster means everything to me. It would not stay up on the wall. I have to confess my inhibitions went out the window when I had gone to stay in France with my beloved arty friends. Somehow we had all ended up walking through fields scantily clad. Our British inhibitions were eased by France and alcohol.

Licques, France. (Perhaps a little of my French blood was showing.) My only disappointment sharing with an art teacher was, she never used naked male models at our house. I believe someone in the house had posed for her at her studio. None of us had ever seen that particular painting.

My art teacher friend had really helped me out teaching art. (Because of her I had saved every drawing or paintng my children did in one form or another. I have attempted to chart the stages of their artistic development!) First the children rub a layer of chalk they then colour over the top with various wax crayons, You but another piece of paper on top and draw with that, You end up with two inverse copies of your design.

I never saw any nudity in the house.

Chandler Sees Rachel Naked

I do remember seeing a naked couple in the hostel in Jerusalem. I had bumped into the guy fully-clothed at Prague Airport. With my usual subtlety I had quipped that I didn’t recognise him with his clothes on. He had bought me a sandwich. I hadn’t the money for a visa at the time or I would have visited Prague itself with him. I considered the sandwich to be miracle enough. He had also bought me a cup of tea.


Remarkably I had seen Martina Navratilova at Prague Airport too. Pierre XO seems to feel more at home in Prague than in the US. I used to like Pierre XO. Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other. He seems very unhappy nowadays. I think he has had a few bad experiences with the opposite sex. I know how that feels but I have not let it evolve into permanent misandry. (I learned that word from a surprising source. (Only one person has ever accused me of hating men. This person is an online bully who has managed to seize control of a website intended to help abuse victims.)

I would say, “Get Therapy.” but in my experience most therapists do more harm than good. Charlie At The Therapist

Trying To Explain Victims of Domestic Violence/Narcissistic Abuse

Everybody Loves Raymond – The Counselling

Ray and Debra Fighting After Couples Counselling

I had found Everybody Loves Rayment really comforting. Ray is just so manipulative!

God Bless Couples Counselling. My experiences of couples Counselling would make Alan’s seem terrific.

Immediately following counselling he would smirk and use his newly learned vocabulary against me! Whatever he learned at counselling sessions just became another tool in his armoury!

His favourite tactic was to attack and walk away! I so recognised the tactic when the guy had lain in wait for his wife, with a camera

They wind you up and when you finally explode,they are the picture of innocence. I saw a brilliant description of this, when I had seen a mother talking about the way her daughter was treated by a friend prior to a party! The friend would taunt her continually. When it was time for the party, her daughter would turn up in a foul mood but the daughter’s friend would arrive bright and breezy.

Why Going To Therapy with a Narcissist Is The Worst Idea -Debbie Mirza

I was so traumatised after one couples Therapy session I had sat in the bath half the night. When he could no longer get me to go into counselling he tried to force me into mediation. I found a mediator, who was also a lawyer who I thought might see through his behaviour


He had become so apoplectic with rage when the mediator had contacted him, that the legal mediator had become concerned for our safety and had referred me to a good lawyer.

He had warned me to be careful. One person at least who had recognised how dangerous he was. I knew I needed a cool, dispassionate person to handle him.

He had eventually managed to infiltrate my lawyer’s office too. Unfortunately a gullible woman who worked there gave him my email address. He had then “accidentally ” sent me an email. I blocked him immediately. Nobody had understood why I was so upset.


You Can’t Ask That. Domestic Violence Survivors Answer The Question, “Was It Really That Bad?”No It’s worse.

Why Didn’t You Just Leave? I felt the court system would leave my children exposed and vulnerable. I did finally end things when my daughter(my youngest) reached an age where she would be allowed input. It was one of the first things I checked on my legal course.

Source ABC TV & iview

I don’t think I will ever feel safe again. There is something wrong with my jaw. It clicks. My processing speed has probably not returned to normal yet, I mostly just want to be left alone.

No Time To Die -Billy Ellish

Killing Me Softly With Her Song – Perry Como

God’s Peace In A Garden

God’s Garden by Dorothy France’s Gurney My Dad used to recite this poem. I often thought of it when I was gardening.

He did seem to put rather lot of emphasis on the word white, so there may be racist overtones to this version.

I grew marigolds to protect my tomatoes. The theory of permaculture is that you allow things to get in a balance, so you don’t need all those nasty chemicals. My ex would walk around like something out of Ghostbusters when he wanted to upset me.


The nicest thing he ever did was buy me a greenhouse. It had probably ended up paying for itself.

My uncle who had been a Japanese POW spent his life in the garden when he retired. I even went to gardening club with him.

The Garden Was Our Escape

The children had never worked out there was anything wrong when they were bringing me food and drinks to the treehouse. They had seen it as a game. I had become very cold but I knew if he attacked me there, it would be seen for miles around.

Happy House -Siouxie  & The Banshees

The House of Terrors


God even arranged for a horse to poop 💩 at the front of our house.  My ex had very kindly collected  it off the  street. I put it in the compost bin with the worms. There were no worms in our garden till I started adding them from my compost. I think I also supplied the rest of the street. My 30 dollars of worms went a long way.  Worms can get pretty big in Australia.The Giant Earthworm -David Attenborough

These are not typical. I had three compost bins full of worms.

Five Reasons To Compost With Worms Source: Agritecture

Composting Tip: I covered the top of my compost with newspaper which I  had tried to keep damp. If it was not kept damp, ants would take over.

We had been barefoot in the garden a ĺot. Unfortunately one  day my son had trodden on a bee/wasp. It had wound up being a potentially life-threatening situation.  He had started to swell up. I had repeatedly called for an ambulance but in the end my friend had driven us to the hospital, where they had then complained that I should have called an ambulance.  My ex was shocked when he had finally turned up in the evening, (after I had been running backwards and forwards to callboxes for hours) just how bad my son was. My son used to have an epi pen after that. After visiting an allergy specialist it was decided he mainly just needed allergy medicine.

Going Underground- The Jam

I was thrilled when we had started getting preying mantis in the garden. I had done a comprehension exercise about them as a child. I learned as a teacher, boys are often more interested in non-fiction than in stories.

Flight of The Bumble Bee – Rimsky – Korsakov. By the way my dad taught me according to science bees should not be able to fly.

Bees would sometimes start to die in my parent’s passage way. My parents would bring them into the house and revive them. My daughter was known to attempt resuscitation on beetles.

We All Stand Together Paul Mc Cartney. This features Rupert The Bear, another firm favourite of mine. The same aunt and uncle who bought me the poetry books had also regularly bought me ‘Rupert the Bear’ books.

Allergies & Anaphylaxis St John’s Ambulance NSW Australia

The Complete Guide To Companion Planting

I seem to have done a pretty good job of attracting predators on my own. 😆

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes by Paravi

The Herb Garden This was a favourite show of mine as a child, It taught me the name of all the herbs, I have grown everything except knapweed.

Clearly there were other gardeners nearby as my ex pulled up a marijuana plant which had self-seeded in our backyard. I guess somebody was just being neighbourly.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Scarborough Fair  -Celtic Woman

Please never use phrases like “Life happens etc” to me. It is likely to be the last time I ever talk to you.

It is an abuse tactic called Minimisation I am currently being bombarded with a BUPA ad which has “Life Happens” as its slogan. It makes me want to throw my computer across the room. They obviously want me to never speak to them again.

I can take a hint!!!

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