A beautiful poem about her hair by Giftie Speaks.Afro’d Out

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My Jamaican friend has afro hair and I learned that taking care of it, is not always easy as we had used to share a house. I know she had needed to use the right product. She had always looked lovely in my view. I count her among one of my best friends. She taught me all I know about teaching Art. (I love teaching Art best of all. I was quite upset when our children had stopped wanting to paint and draw!They had created beautiful cloth bags with her.

She also taught me a lot about racism. I never forget that she was made to feel uncomfortable in a fairly exclusive shop, when the two of us had been out looking for my wedding dress. I had never known her to complain before. I know now what it is like to be treated that way. For myself it just made me really angry

Her mother was white so I expect she had struggled at first as she had two daughters with afro hair.


Quite frankly I have come across enough racist, sexist homophobes to last me a lifetime!

It’s Not Ok – Waitrose

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