I ended up working out what my objective was from a conversation and ignoring the rest. I had needed to be tactical to survive.

I might have only one tiny goal for a conversation. I am a teacher. We think in terms of aims and objectives. I can detach and be objective.We break things down into tiny steps My aim at the moment for example is to teach people not to mess with me because I bite back.

I recognised I was dealing with a narcissistic bully here. I watched the tactics. I had the comfort of knowing I was not the first he had messed with when I had been told that the previous owner had been glad to sell.

Run Away Dude

As they said of Rowan Baxter. They have to win. I let my ex compete with me and seek to be the better parent. Win. Win. My goal was not about me, it was about getting the best for the children.

Great Advice From Richard Grannon

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