My ex husband’s literally had a chair and spotlight waiting for me the first time I met her!


That was before she tried to force me to leave our son in the backyard with her dog. She was too used to getting her own way in my own view. Two girls she didn’t even know had been forced to deliver a Christmas pudding to us in England, as they had recounted it to me!

When she hadn’t got her own way about forcing me to leave our son in the garden with her dog, she had run off in tears. I tried visiting her once to try and build a bridge.

My mother hated her! I definitely should have given her the wooden spoon Mum bought especially for her. If anybody has it, please pass it on to her for me.


Pretty she is an initiator of the toxic bullying I have endured. She did not like my ex mother-in-law. Pretty sure I managed to unite them against me!. Every time I went near her she made a heap of sly digs at me.

Pause For Musical Interlude

To my mind the macklemoor broach was definitely a sly dig at Meghan Markle btw. The Duchess of Kent should have apologised as publicly as she wore the broach

Instead see she made a mealy mouthed apology.

“Sorry that it caused offence” not sorry that “I was a cruel,insensitive, racist twat.”

She was a new foreigner too once upon a time!

No wonder Harry & Meghan left the UK. I have dealt with that 💩 for the last twenty years. I wish my ex had been man enough to stand up for me. I mean he stood and watched me be interrogated and bullied and had done nothing about it.


Everybody should be apologising to Harry and Meghan in my view!

One simple public statement from the palace would have brought to an end most of the bullying.

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