According to The Canberra Times (13 January 1995) Charles and Camilla first met on a polo field in 1970.

I know I have said this before but we were told:

Camilla and Charles would never marry.

November 1993 Nigel Dempster reckoned Diana was refusing to give Charles a divorce. According to Caralyn Parker Boyle’s Camilla was happy with an arranged marriage and she didn’t want a divorce, She wanted to remain single and bring up her children.

“Hopefully one day William will be king but only if he remains with Prince Charles.”


January 1995 Camilla divorced her husband.

In January 1995 Prince Charles’ friends had made it known that Charles had “no plans to marry Camilla.”(Maybe the papers should not have listened to his friends!)

According to The Canberra Times September 22nd 1995.

The Queen Mother had twice refused Prince Charles’ request to bring Camilla to official functions. In October 1995 Charles took Camilla to The Ritz!

According to The Canberra Times 30th December 1995, John Major, British PM is said to have told Prince Charles and The Queen that a divorce and remarriage would be “very unpopular .

He fully understands that popular opinion would be against him.”

Quote from Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII,

“Her job was to curtsey first then leap into bed.”(talking of being a royal mistress!)ĺ

“In London most betting shops they will give you long odds on Camilla marrying Charles”

Even if all the impediments to this marriage were removed, Camilla would still strike the British public as a peculiar” type of Queen.”

Quote from Canberra Times, December 1995.

They did marry. APRIL 19TH, 2005

Then we were told Camilla would just be his wife.

She wasn’t. She rapidly became the Duchess of Cornwall on her marriage to Prince Charles.

Then we were told she could not become Queen Consort.

She did.

Then we were told she wouldn’t become Queen.

She is.

Isn’t it about time someone at the palace spelled it out and cut the bull

“We’re royal. We can do whatever we want and there is f#ck all you can do about it!”

If you really want to P.Off an INFJ it’s easy. All you have to do is lie to them.


I was beaten up for twenty years. It has only made me more determined to fight back.

Now if people manipulate and lie to me to paraphrase a college friend my response will be “swift and decisive.”

If you think I am a liar then go read someone else.

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