Dig For Victory

I notice in Australia it is usually Brits and Italians with thriving vegetable plots!

Runner beans were a staple of ours! Nan and Granddad used to keep chickens, If they do nothing else governments can make land available for allotments. Maybe Britain can use climate change to its advantage and install solar panels everywhere,

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

We never really ate that much meat when I was in The UK as it was too expensive. Mum would make a joint of meat last a week. We ate a lot of stewing steak and liver and bacon. My personal favourite is still corn beef hash,

However the underlying issue is why did The UK lose so many people to Covid and why is their situation so terrible now?

Are solar panels worth it?

Government installed solar panels and perhaps Extinction Rebellion had the right idea about insulation after all. Elderly people die in the UK Winter at the best of times, They should not be having to forego heating. Maybe more people need to join in with their cause.

Maybe the song is right.

Are Fre nch Protesters more Effective?

If I am being deliberately disrupted I tend to n have less energy for alternative points of view. l w[ll not have the stamina to present viewpoints with which I might not agree.

Expect one-sided posts for a while!

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