Don’t Worry It Only Affects Poor People!

I remember the collapse of a company called Esmerelda which caused extensive pollution in South America.

I also remember Bhopal,

Companies rarely get called to account for their behaviour in what are considered third world countries or generally poor areas. They get into trouble for doing things in the first world so they continue their behaviour in the third world instead.


London Smog on The Crown

From a British perspective our worst man-made disaster was probably Aberfan. I remember being horrified by the photos in a book in the library.

Of Course in America there are ongoing problems with the water supply in Flint, Michigan.

A Lame Ass Offer -Erin Brockovich.

I mean when does being rich start being pointless?

My aunt was very rich and extremely unhappy. I was happiest at college with very little. My happiest Christmases have always been the more basic ones like the one we spent in Akaroa. I bought my friend a chocolate bar and some fruit, I think I crocheted or embroidered something, We had an outdoors barbecue. The simplest Christmases are always the best. If it is peaceful who cares!

One of the best thing about Australia is lay-by. I used to buy everything on lay-by.

The Revival of Shopping on Laybuy 7 News. My biggest Laybuy purchase was the keyboard. My ex was initially against the keyboard so I paid for it a tiny bit at a time, as I felt it was not a home without a piano or a keyboard. Somebody recently gave my daughter a piano. I am deeply grateful.

My ex had not used to want to buy Christmas presents so I had done it all myself. He did change though and we had at least one really enjoyable Christmas shopping trip but mostly when I was with him, I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was right to do so because he has caused one drama after another!

You do not notice the best leaders because drama is minimal. Your phone does not constantly beep causing you to worry, “What has he/she done now?”

(I would not be surprised if all of America is STILL recovering from CPTSD .) I know my ex used to have me on tenterhooks every time his phone beeped.

What fresh Hell is this?”

The Myth of Hades and Persephone

My ex would give with one hand and tended to take away with the other.


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