Drawing a Line in the Sand


There are moments in life when something totally different bursts into the light. One of the first such moments for me was Fawlty Towers. We had almost accidentally changed channels when the scary, outlandish Basil Fawlty had made his first magical appearance. Basil was a real groundbreaker at the time, offensive yet irresistible.

Simply Irresistible-Robert Palmer

I had the same experience with my first dramatic jolt watching the early Simpsons in a San Francisco movie theatre. Bart and Lisa, who had looked very different to how they do now, were having a belching competition. This was a view of sibling rivalry to which I had related. (I had never stood a) chance against my brother). Then there was South Park-The characters had looked so cute, until one of them got on the bus and had started swearing at the bus driver. Somehow these moments are timeless. They were never quite acceptable. They will never be quite acceptable and that is probably why they have endured.


Of course I would never cuss.😉 it is so much nicer to keep your mouth shut while somebody is beating the crap out of your and a bunch,of bitchy, two-faced gossips are spreading lies about you! I should have followed the example set by politicians, Lords and Ladies etc.

We used to have a swear box at school!

It might need to be a little bigger these days! It would be so much better if I just became a f@$king hypocrit. like so many others.

Don’t worry you can always bleep out the swear words. Sorry I know women should be seen and not heard.

I may be all kinds of things but hypocrit is not one of them. My father brought me up ŕo despise Sunday Christians, There are six other days in a week! FYI I Waa born on a Sunday. My family built churches, they didn’t just occupy a pew on Sundays. I have a photo of the beautiful organ they built among other things.

(Mind you my ex still managed to give me organ failure.) A girl at school once had similar issues. because some(PRESS BUTTON ABOVE) told her the toilets were haunted, I took her to the toilets myself to show her they were OK!

Having Principles

I believe the same can be said of principles. They never quite fit in. They often shock when they first appear but in the end they last the distance.

We Resist -Midnight Oil

I have drawn a line in the sand with my ex and his family. So far and no further or you will experience the consequences of your actions.

Watch “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (Lyrics) – Edith Piaf” on YouTube

Watch “Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me” on YouTube

I am an INFJ when you finally push us too far, it is gonna hurt!

Watch “5 INTIMIDATING Things That All INFJs Do” on YouTube

My ex and my son once had an encounter with what I assume what was a fellow INFJ in the supermarket.He had made an eerily accurate prediction. My ex had returned to me shocked. I wasn’t! I had similar concerns I remember at the time too. Every time he was left with our two there was uproar! It reminded me of that book title brick Wilson about the former president. let’s just say General Kelly has my sympathy. These characters use your conscientiousness against you.

My mother used to say my brother could fall in 💩 and come up smelling of roses.

For some reason rhe phrase trying “to make @ silk purse out of a sow’s ear springs to mind

I am not afraid to tackle even my own flesh and blood if I feel there is a problem!

My biggest issue most of my life has not been being friendless, it has been getting dogs, people and children to leave me in peace!

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