Watch “Ukrainian Collaboration with Germany in World War II (1941 – 1945)” on YouTube

I heard this myself before that The Ukrainians did unspeakable things in support of The Nazis in WW2.

Things were also pretty brutal in The Balkans. I was regaled with tales of people being sawn in half by a Serbian carpenter once.

We charge headlong into these situations and we usually get things wrong, resulting in things like the massacre at Srebonica Massacre

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I had an interesting time on my trip through Russia and understand things are complex Thr break up.of Yugoslavia did nothing but cause conflict in a country where.facilities were still pretty basic in many areas. I cannot even begin to imagine how terrible the break up of Russia would be.

America once had its own issues with states trying to cede from a United country. It is still America,,’s biggest loss of life in any war as I understand it.

There are huge differences in cultures loosely held together in the Federation. Western Russia was almost European while Eastern Russia was totally unique.

We know nothing of the delicate cultural interplay in this situation. Finally Hilhas always seemed knowledgeable about Russia.

Watch “Extended Interview: Fiona Hill on Putin and Ukraine” on YouTube

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