I do remember my former sister-in-law making me most uncomfortable by presenting me with something she had picked up while clearing at the MCG she clearly has no notion that this was wrong.

Waitrose has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to employee theft.

The police force here are very strict too.

However theft here is much more socially acceptable generally or perhaps it was with the people with whom I was unfortunately compelled to mix as my handbag was once returned when I had lost it in the middle of the city.

My granddad used to collect pennies he found on the street but that was all. I was proud of our children when they had found a five,(?) dollar bill they had donated it to charity. We also got given a pirated copy of a Elf which I was forced to keep.

Almost Nothing they did was ever legitimate.

Hence I wanted Nothing to do with anything from them.

The phrases which springs to mind is my Dad’s one.

“They couldn’t lie straight in bed.”

“There is no loyalty among thieves.”

Say what you like about The Japanese but they do not steal. The girl in our room in. Tokyo would not even move the pillow from another bed.

Watch “Why it’s almost impossible to lose things in Japan – BBC REEL” on YouTube


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