My mun once told me of the happenings in a creepy old house in which her aunt had lived. She had spoken of globes/ bulbs being removed but carefully being placed on a dresser?

Every morning my aunt had got up to this!.I was recalling how my room-m⁸ate had once also removed the globe from my lamp. To be honest that had freaked me out a bit.

My parents had once used a ouji board at the house of the people with whom we went to Yugoslavia. They had only touched a ouji board once as it had really disturbed them.

A college friend of mine, a robust army reserve had also said the same thing. He said his mother had regularly dabbled in this kind of thing and that lot of seriously creepy things used to happen.

My old school friend lived in a really old house and accepted that the ghost of a little old lady had used to live there with them.

I feel my daughter’s friend visited my daughter every night after he died. I had a shocking time with her until my friend had told me to accept she might be being visited and we had prayed about it.

She had mysteriously started staring behind me when she was a baby and I was feeding her one night after Dad had died. Then there was the occasion when the keyboard had started playing in the middle of the night after my friend had died.

I pick up on vibes. The place where the chiropractor used to work really felt dark to the extent I wanted to sit in the car rather than wait in the reception area. He had agreed not to take me in the back room, which I hated.

My daughter once spoke of seeing a black man in her bedroom in our last house. My son had also picked up on something as a toddler.

One woman who had once lived in our house was later murdered years after she had moved to another area.

I feel I was spirituality attacked in Jerusalem. I had needed to cry out to Jesus one night.

I think of the God Tash in C.S.Lewis’ The Last Battle. That is how it had felt.

Dark, cold and sinister…

My friend believes the numbers 666 are in every bar code. The mark of the beast. When people get themselves barcoded they are taking on the mark of the beast.

Watch “The Life of Tash | Narnia Lore | The Last Battle” on YouTube

Ultimately the bible tells us however that as Christians we can tread on the head of snakes.

Luke 10:19

Watch “Shackles (Praise You)” on YouTube

Healing Hands

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