This is my vision of Motherhood, so be warned!!

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Disney Film Red Apparently this is the most emotionally scarring thing I have ever done. Still I reckon if I try really hard…

It is not just Mum’s who are embarrassing!

According to him my brother witnessed Ringo Starr haul his son Zak out of the pub where he was secretly playing drums.

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Then of course Billy Joel had publicly burst into song to teach his daughter a lesson. My dad used to sing to me all the time. One of his favourites was

“The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64” on YouTube

Honestly the younger generations have to accept we have so few pleasures left in life. They have to allow us some fun!

The good news is wherever we are nowadays we can embarrass our offspring!

Yup teenagers have been a pain in the ass almost since the age of the dinosaurs. I reckon we oldies were better at it though!

Did I tell you what I caught our son eating in his cot? Then of course there was the time we rescued all his father’s bank cards from our son’s bed.

Pause For Musical Interlude

Good job he was too young to realise what he had!

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