I personally like Camilla Tominey so I am trying to investigate why she is coming under attack over some of the more obvious stooges.

Here is some information for you to peruse at leisure. Immediately I notice Camillais more relaxed talking to Phlip and Holly as opposed to producing her columns for the Conservative newspaper The Telegraph

2015 Can Prince Harry Find A Wife?


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Pippa Middleton’s Wedding


I can think of one royal reporter in particular,who seriously had her nose put out of joint that she was no longer Harry’s go to and it isn’t Camilla Tominey and who continually voices her concerns which are usually thinly veiled sly digs. Last piece I listened she was virtually declaring the Sussex marriage over,

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6 May 2019 Archie born.

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2023 Prince Harry Cannot Win His War Against The Media

Judge for yourself but I notice how Csmilla is more related talking to Phillip and Holly as opposed to her attitude when she is representing The Conservative paper, The Telegraph

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