Watch “Movie Couple Therapy: THE NOTEBOOK” on YouTube

As my Mum would say to my Dad,

“Weren’t you ever young?”

That is all I have to say to Movie Couple Therapy!

If you can’t do dumb stuff while you are young, when  can you do it you old farts?

As I say to my youngsters just try not to do anything that permanently f’s up your life or someone else’s,

Watch “The Specials – Too Much Too Young (Live) [HD Remaster]” on YouTube

Watch “So young The Corrs (Unplugged) 1080p” on YouTube


Stand By You -Rachel Platten

Watch “Forgiven, Not Forgotten (MTV Unplugged Version)”Watch “Forgiven, Not Forgotten (MTV Unplugged Version)” on YouTube

Watch “Cast the First Stone” on YouTube

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