Most people here seem to have forgotten how to “kick up a stink.^

Nearly every woman I entertained has experienced  abuse. You would think they would be smart and band together to support each other, instead  many choose either to become a bully themselves  or just turn on other women in petty ways. Give them a bit of power and some of them turn into The Gestapo or other Secret Police. There intelligence gathering abilty  is remarkable  given their personal lack of useful intellectual ability.


I have seen precious little solidarity unless they are given reason to help tear any other woman down who dares to rise above the crowd.

No other women are allowed  to rise above the rank of mindless zombie.

They torture you with their endless diatribes about their washing machines and their talons fingernails.

Inside I was trying hard not to scream!

I am bilingual nowadays. I can speak know-it-all-b#tch  too!

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