I have learned it is often not the scary- looking macho men who commit abuse. More frequently iit is the weedy-looking little dweebs.

The one who attacked his wife while we were at bible study was also a weedy-looking little dweeb.

Rowan Baxter was physically imposing and successful, It is probably just as wrong to try to profile abusers as it is to attempt to profile their victims. I have met abused women from wealthy backgrounds too. I live in an affluent area and I believe 80 percent plus of their call-outs are for domestic violence.

I maintain that many abusers are Cluster Bs.

Attitudes I met from police officers and society as a whole have often been dismissive.

Watch “Police ‘just dismissed’ requests for help from domestic violence murder victim, daughter says | 7.30” on YouTube

Forgive me not talking about male victims of domestic violence but most of the time these days I am not able to handle really being alone with a man, let alone defend them. Too often I have come up against “The Boy’s Club”. Mr Concrete is but one of many examples.

In conclusion I recommend that profiles of typical abusers and their victims are probably best avoided, however well-intentioned they might be. The only thing I suspect all abusers have in common is that they are expert manipulators. The words, “He is a good bloke,” send cold shivers down my spine these days,

As for victims well we have an unfortunately tendency to give too many people “the benefit of the doubt.”

Watch “Today’s Takeaway: Don’t Give ‘Benefit Of The Doubt’ Blindly” on YouTube


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