Watch “Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy” on YouTube

Watch “The Hunt for Red October (1990) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]” on YouTube

FYI – I have been aboard nuclear submarines already, A family friend who was in The Navy has told us that while he was working aboard a submarine underwaterout a guy had flipped out and started to climb out to head for the pub, I will never forget the tragedy of the Russian submarine which got trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

Watch “Can’t rush perfection that all I’m sayin ✨ #thenanny #franfine #shorts” on YouTube

Nanny gets told she is “too English,”

Quote, “If you no like, why you no say, you no like.”

Quote which should be in The Nanny.

“[ do not do other people’s husbands.”

I just do my job which is to look out for Jewish people, no matter how they treat me.

Watch “Why Are the Jewish People Chosen?” on YouTube

I do eventually tell people when they have p’d me off.

Usually as an INFJ this is life-changing for all involved. Hence I prefer to keep a lot to myself. You go anti-semitic around me and you are in trouble. Everybody has their limits. You have pushed me round once too often. Jewish people respect the role of women.

Watch “This Is Why Heyoka Empaths Are SO Rare” on YouTube

I am currently not amused.


My Hebrew is a bit limited but I can tell you to “Sit Down,” and “Shut up!”


Watch “The King’s Harpists: The Blessing (feat. Joshua Aaron) – Live From Jerusalem!” on YouTube

Watch “Shalom chaverim Lyrics” on YouTube

Watch “Israeli Hebrew song ‘Wreath of ‘ | Ofir Ben Shitrit | israel singers | jewish songs” on YouTube

Don’t Mess With Me

How can anybody claim to know the bible and not recognise the importance of The Jewish people?

Mind you The Jews themselves have got into plenty of trouble with God too at times.

Jesus was a Jew!

I learned more about Jesus mixing with Jews, than I could have done any other way, especially when a rabbi had started yelling, “Shabat!” at the Cafe owner in Jerusalem, where I had gone to eat.’

Jesus Heals A Lame Man on The Sabbath


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