Remembering Dahab this Passover
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March/April 1990 The Perfect Oasis
I have travelled through and lived on the fringes of the Negev Desert.
One evening while in Dahab, Egypt, I had found myself with nobody with whom to talk. I struck up a conversation with this American guy, who was wandering around while spinning a silver disc on his finger. (I bet he is a Republican.)
Watch “Save the Rich (Official Video) by Garfunkel and Oates” on YouTube
My ex and my children would be shocked to learn my least painful relationship was with a Republican!
I do not choose my friends and boyfriends based on whether I agree with their politics or not.
They are great at spinning things.My steps seem to have been dogged by wealthy right wingers. No wonder my love life has always been a disaster. What kind of idiot poor person votes for rich white people? As for guns. Why don’t you just marry them and be done with it?
They still believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow(This is what I was dancing to at Seventeen, No wonder I never got any dates.) How many more promising political careers can I ruin?
It had turned out we had a common interest in visiting the Gaza Strip.
Don’t get me started on the spineless Republicans (sorry correct terminology. Invertebrate.)
I agree with the girl in the video. There is something really special about Dahab.
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Gradually I had seen more and more of D. (the disc-spinning guy) My two former travelling companions were ready to move on. I needed to decide whether to go with them or to wait for D. I had decided I would wait for D, I had learned how to play backgammon/shesh besh in Dahab. I hav visited either Lebanon or Syria. Lebanon was engaged in a civil war while I was in Israel.
In those days the joke was you could board a plane to anywhere and wind up in Beirut!Egypt was also the theme of the very last fashion show Karl lagerfeld attended in person. It struck me that there was something creepy about that fashion show. Maybe the models should not have been sashaying around actual Egyptian artefacts without researching them. I personally found the show creepy. The golden skin on the models reminded me of that scene in Goldfinger where Jill Masterson’s skin is covered in gold and she suffocates. Deathbed.
In the meantime I had been invited to a meal by the guy, who was running the place where I was staying. He had seemed very nice but I had felt uneasy at the prospect of being left totally alone (The camp was now empty.) with him, in such an unfamiliar environment. By the way he had very little but was happy and generous with what he had.
I had packed up my rucksack and pretended to depart with my friends. Somehow I had ended up staying at the same place as D.
The next day D. and I had headed back to Israel. We had spent the night camping on the beach in Eilat. I had understood this was not strictly allowed. I had barely slept the entire night, expecting to be woken up and moved on by police.
I had a camel ride in Dahab. It was OK until the guy started hitting its behind. It had then become slightly scary.
Ride Like The Wind
I had no idea whether the camel had a name. It was not quite a horse but A Horse With No Name by America kinda fits here. We were in the Sinai Desert.
We arose at 5am. I had sat with D. by the beach, watching the sun rise over the Jordanian Mountains, while eating delicious pita bread, filled; with avocado and tomato.
Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
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Avocado & Smoked Salmon Salad
My American boyfriend as well as being a Republican, is a devout Jew. He said he would catch up with me in Jerusalem and he was there precisely on time.
I still have a soft spot for avocados, even if I have been hit on the head by a few, while picking them. I have never eaten avocado since and not thought of that magical time.
It was the single best meal I have ever had.
Dahab and camping on the beach in Eilat are among my happiest memories along with cycling in Jericho with D. My memories of that special time in Egypt & Jericho were never ruined for me. Those times will always be perfect.I had one relationship where a guy never let me down and for that I will always be grateful. (I still have his address)
Thank you. He never mucked me about in any way. I saw him as the perfect gentleman. I bet he is not proud of the current incarnation of the Republican Party. I see there are some decent Republicans still. Good old-fashioned Lincoln Republicans.
Abraham Lincoln Quotes.
Why hate somebody for their politics? He was a thoroughly decent human being. He managed to catch up with me ( only nhalf an hour late in Jerusalem and he never once caused me to shed a tear.The time we spent together in Dahab and Jericho are special memories.

I saw the Palestinian side of the issue for myself with him. He was one of the few men I dated, who was true to his word. I should have stayed in touch. He sent me apostcard from Alaska. Where he was fishing.

We Got On Our Bikes Together
Love this Australian skit to the bicycle song. The Bicycle Song – Skit on Paul Hogan Show. Worth looking at as it was clearly shot in Melbourne, Australia. – Great shots of the Yarra etc.
Our whole family was filmed by channel 9 down by the Yarra River one Father’s Day. My former mother-in-law rang up excitedly telling us she knew where we had been.
A lovely day but no doubt it had been ruined when we got home. We normally paid a price for having had a lovely time. A Sting In The Tail/Tale- Supertramp.
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If I cause accidents it is probably because I wobble, I struggle with my balance and my fine motor skills at times. That is what I thought was so great about Montessori.
Fine Motor Skills at Montessori
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How To Make An Avocado Rose by beautybeyondbones. Thank you for the great blog. Thank you Beautybeyondbones! Lovely idea.
Avocados 🥑 are very healthy.
Five Ways To Mind Your Own Business
How False News Can spread, Please note I have also misattributed the quote
“False news can spread halfway around the world in the time it takes the truth to put on its shoes.” I still think it is a great quote even if it is not by Mark Twain.
Adam Kinzinger Warns Democracy Is Being
I like Adam Kinzinger even if I thoroughly disagree with him. He is a man of principle.
The current situation seems to have brought out the best and the worst in Republicans.
I noticed a hate message locally. I didn’t think the police would get it. Jewish people have already been writing online that they are scared. I reported it to the church and a Jewish group. The bible makes it clear that we must care for our Jewish brothers &
The Blessing of Blessing Israel
Shalom Havarim –
The Blessing Israel
My Dad taught me to do just that. My mum worked for Jews once. She explained some of their rules regarding menstruation to me but most of all my dad ingrained the image on the way to their deaths with their suitcases on my mind and my heart. I never want to have to say I stood by and let that happen. One of my Jewish friends was an actor appearing in Holocaust plays in Jerusalem.
Watch “And Then They Came For Me…” on YouTube
I visited Israei’s border with Egypt but at that time the biggest issue, was rocket attacks on the Lebonese border. In my experience Jews are blunt but I am OK with that. Especially after dealing with so many bull 💩 artists in my life.
I have just remembered that one of the great bible heroes. Moses was brought up Egyptian. The bible is littered with Egyptians.
Princess Diana had an Egytian boyfriend.
Watch “Princess Diana visited Egypt in 1992 #dianaprincessofwales” on YouTube
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